Group Sessions for DOHaD Canada and CNPRM 2019

Rooms to be announced. For further information about these group sessions please contact the listed contact person.

DOHaD Team Grants - Annual Meeting
Monday 11th February, 12-6pm
Contact: Sarah A De La Rue:

ReACH project meeting (Invite-only)
Thursday 14th February, 3-5pm
Contact: Stephanie Atkinson:  

CPTBN - Canadian National Preterm Birth Network meeting (Open to all interested persons)
Thursday 14th February, 3-5pm
Contact: Sarah McDonald:

Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases during pregnancy (SOGC) (Invite-only)
Thursday 14th February, 12-3pm
Contact: Kyla Kaminsky: 

 Réseau de recherche du Québec sur les déterminants périnataux de la santé de l’enfant /
Quebec Research Network on Perinatal Determinants of Child Health
Thursday 14th February, 4-6pm
Contact: Anne Monique Nuyt:
Sylvana Côté: