CNPRM 2019​
Feburary 13 – 15, 2019

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Thank you to all of our speakers, participants and generous sponsors for a successful CNPRM 2018!   Stay tuned for details on CNPRM 2019…


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CNPRM 2018 Award Winners

Best Poster Presentation 


CIHR-IHDCYH Award Winners

Chioma Odozor'Menadione increases endogenous carbon monoxide production in pregnant mice'


Shelby Oke'Postnatal catch-up growth in low protein IUGR offspring leads to increased expression of hepatic microRNA-140: mechanism of premature senescence?'
CNPRM Award Winners
Bethany Radford'Postnatal catch-up growth in low protein IUGR offspring leads to increased expression of hepatic microRNA-140: mechanism of premature senescence?​'
Janet Poplawski'Perinatal shipment stress permanently pograms brain metabolism and leads to increased anxiety-like behaviour in mice'
Deliwe Ngwezi – 'Exploring the Effect of Developmental Toxicants Exposure and Socio-Economic Status on Congenital Heart Disease in Urban and Rural Alberta'

Jenna Treisman –  'Effects of oxygen tension on first trimester invasive trophoblast biology using placental explant models'


Logan Barr 'Examining the Microvasculature Following a Pregnancy Complicated by Preeclampsia'




Best Oral Presentation 


CIHR-IHDCYH Award Winners

Daniela Urrego'Cyclooygenase inhibitors for treating preterm labour? A review of the scientific evidence'


Sebastian Srugo  – 'The impact of maternal malnutrition on gut barrier defence.  Implication for pregnancy health and fetal development?'


CNPRM Award Winners

Hui Jue Zhang'The outcomes of prenatally diagnosed hemoglobin Barts disease with or without intra-uterine tranfusion in Ontario Canada'


Erin Hetherington 'Social support and maternal mental health at 4 months and 1 year postpartum: analysis from the All Our Families cohort'


Rebecca Menzies 'Risk of preterm bith in a singleton pregnancy following prior preterm twin birth: a cohort study'


Stephanie Kereliuk  'Gestational diabietes alters mitochondrial bioenergetics in early-life and impairs cardiac function in the rat offspring'


Scally Chu  – 'Impact of publicly-funded non-invasive prenatal testing on the utilization of invasive diagnostic testing in Britsh Columbia'







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